Ajax and Haarlem extend collaboration

Ajax and Haarlem extend collaboration

Ajax and HFC Haarlem have reached agreement about the extension of their existing collaboration. The new deal will run for three years, to 1 July 2012.

Ajax will support Haarlem financially and will get final say in football-technical matters, such as appointments of football-technical positions. The collaboration will also be extended in areas such as scouting, youth development and moving up. Ajax also have the right to appoint one or more supervisors.

Rik van den Boog, CEO of Ajax: ,,There are players in Young Ajax and the A-juniors for whom it is better to play in the first team of Haarlem. Lads who have to get playing time in a competition where their physical and mental stamina improves. That will improve the possibility to move up to our first team. These players have to be of added value for Haarlem at the same time.''

Dino Rasmijn, general manager of HFC Haarlem: ,,The best players of Haarlem go to the Ajax academy and the players of Ajax who just miss the chance to move up come and play for us. A good example of this is Gregory van der Wiel, who took this road and played in our youth program for three season before he returned to Ajax.''