Ajax A1 wins Super Cup

Ajax A1 wins Super Cup

Ajax A1 has won the Super Cup for A juniors, defeating Feyenoord/Excelsior A1. Ajax took the lead on a goal by Ouasim Bouy. Feyenoord/Excelsior evened it up. In overtime, Rowendey Schoop’s goal rang in the victory for Ajax.

Ajax A1 has had an excellent start to the season by beating Feyenoord Excelsior for the Super Cup. Rowendey Schoop scored the winning goal, 2-1, in overtime. “There was a lot going on this afternoon”, said coach Frank de Boer about the match. “It was very competitive, which resulted in many yellow cards, especially for Feyenoord, and also a red card in the end.”

Ajax was better in the first half, and took the lead in the 38th minute when Ouasim Bouy put the ball behind the Feyenoord goalie, on a free kick. “That was well deserved”, said Frank de Boer. “We were the better team, but we weren’t great. We were much better against AFC. Here, we were sloppy with our passing, and we just made it harder for ourselves. It might have been nerves, as this was our first match with stakes. We’ve only been playing for three weeks. Maybe our expectations were too high, since the first two weeks went so well. And of course, it’s youth football.”

Ajax got opportunities later on, but so did Feyenoord. But keeper Peter Leeuwenburgh, who is actually B1’s keeper but who played here as a result of both A1 keepers being injured, and the A2 keeper being suspended, didn’t fold. Seven minutes before time, the tying goal was scored, going in by the second post.

In overtime, it was B-junior Rowendey Schoop who made it 2-1 on a pass from newly signed Mitchell Dijks. “It’s a fantastic start to win this prize!” said Frank de Boer.

Ajax A1 line up: Peter Leeuwenburgh; Ruben Ligeon, Joël Veltman (46. Youssouf Fennich), Stefano Denswill, Dico Koppers; Fabian Sporkslede, Ouasim Bouy, Davy Klaassen (105. Rowendey Schoop); Jody Lukoki, Tom Boere, Torell Ondaan (82. Mitchell Dijks)