Ajax A1 loses battle for Supercup

Ajax A1 loses battle for Supercup

Ajax A1 lost the Supercup for A-juniors on Sunday afternoon. In the first official game of the season, the reigning national champions lost 2-1 to cup winner sc Heerenveen. Sinan Keskin scored on behalf of the Amsterdam team.

Ajax 1 lost the match for the Supercup two weeks ago to PSV. Last week, Jong Ajax also lost the Supercup to FC Twente. Briefly, it seemed that on Saturday, the A1 team would actually win the first Supercup, but unfortunately the match took an irretrievable turn for the worse in just a few minutes.

Fred Grim and Kenneth Perez’s team started the game off a bit sloppily, but grew stronger as the match wore on. Ajax got a great scoring opportunity via the first corner kick of the match, which Sheraldo Becker took. The forward made a pass to Nick de Bondt, whose header landed next to the goal. Later, Abdelmalek El Hasnaoui made a great pass from behind to Becker, who took a shot from the right. The Heerenveen keeper effortlessly made the save.

Despite the fact that the opportunities were small, they gave the team the necessary push to set more pressure on the guests and completely go for the attack. This resulted in the opening goal in the nineteenth minute. Sinan Keskin, who played a very good game against the Fries team, from far out, curved a free kick beautifully into Heerenveen’s goal: 1-0. The talented midfielder, who signed a contract with Ajax in June, is only in his second year of the Ajax academy.

Due to the warm weather (warmer than thirty degrees), a drink break was made after almost thirty minutes of play. Both teams needed to cool off. After play resumed, Heerenveen gave the Amsterdam A1 a good wake up call with two close calls. When Tom Norodhoff and El Hasnaoui lost the ball at midfield, a Heerenveen player sprinted forward, but shot wide. Two minutes later, another good chance for Heerenveen came, but the ball was sent back into the field by the outside post. The Amsterdam A juniors were lacking sharpness and were lucky that these two opportunities didn’t result in goals.

A1 started the second half strongly with an early opportunity for El Hasnaoui. The second year A-junior took a hard shot after a beautiful combination with Queensy Menig. The shot was only just turned away. The Heerenveen goalie was busy in front of his own goal. Ajax kept coming up and was hungrily seeking its second goal. Becker had the biggest opportunity with a great volley.

In the 63rd minute, the match tipped in Heerenveen’s favour. Berend-Jan Schootstra’s tying goal came out of the blue. After tying 1-1, the Fries team smelled
their opportunity and scored again in the 78th minute (via Bilal Basacikoglu). An unnecessary 2-1 loss for Ajax A1, who played well for most of the match.
Fred Grim also concluded that the match was going well until the 63rd minute. “We had to work very hard and it can’t always go our way. What matters is that you stay true to your commitments. That didn’t happen. When tying goal came, everything fell apart.” Ajax A1’s coach saw several good things during this match. “We’re making progress in our playing. Of course you want the result to show that, but the most important thing is that we’re taking the steps.”

Due to the heat, several drinking breaks were instilled. “We dealt with the heat well. Ajax often has the disadvantage of wanting to apply pressure, because we want to make the play, and that costs energy. You don’t want to sit back and play reactive football. But you also need to protect the guys from themselves. Sinan and Abdel are at the end of Ramadan. This is really tough for them. I substituted them.”

Scoring summary: 19. Keskin 1-0, 63. Schootstra 1-1, 78. Basacikoglu 1-2.

Ajax A1 line up: Peter Leeuwenburgh; Djavan Anderson, Danzell Gravenbergh, Robert van Koesveld, Darren Rosheuvel; Tom Noordhoff, Sinan Keskin (62. Joey Papamelodias), Abdelmalek El Hasnaoui (70. Elton Acolatse); Sheraldo Becker, Queensy Menig, Nick de Bondt (77. Boban Lazic