Ajax 2 win, with apologies for the goal

Ajax 2 win, with apologies for the goal

Ajax 2 reached the next round of the Gatorade Cup on Tuesday by defeating Cambuur 3-1 in the Amsterdam ArenA. In the first half, Boukhari made it 1-0, after halftime Jan Vertonghen scored twice. The Ajax player apologised for his second goal, as he did not intend to score. Cambuur was given room to score on the other side.

In the first half Young Ajax were in control against the first-division side and Nourdin Boukhari scored from a nice touch by Stanley Aborah: 1-0.

After an hour, Jan Vertonghen doubled his team's lead when he fired in a ball from the left corner of the box in the top right corner of Cambuur's goal. ,,I was a bit lucky with that one'', said Vertonghen. But I have made them before like that.''

His second goal was one he is not likely to repeat. Derk Boerrigter was treated on the pitch for a minor injury and Vertonghen tried to give the ball back to Cambuur after the short break in play. ,,I wanted to shoot it away hard to win some time, because we were ahead.'' The goalkeeper was a bit too far away from his goal and the ball went in over his head. With everybody in a state of confusion, the referee had no choice than to allow the curious goal. ,,I apologised to everyone, including the goalkeeper'', Vertonghen said.

Coach Jonh van den Brom then instructed his team not to do anything when Cambuur kicked off. The visitors were given a free path toward the Ajax goal to score: 3-1. ,,I was glad'', said Vertonghen. ,,I really didn't mean to score that one.''

,,We shouldn't forget that we won an important match'', Van den Brom said. ,,Vertonghen's first goal was a beauty and for Young Ajax it is always important to stay in the national Cup as long as possible.''