Ajax 2 struggle to next Cup round

Ajax 2 have booked their first success in the Amstel Cup. Not without difficulty, because amateur side IJsselmeervogels was beaten only after overtime: 2-4.

Ajax took the lead by a Jason Culina goal after only a few minutes. IJsselmeervogels had to attack, but Ajax failed to use the space that was created. Midway through the first half the amateur side scored the equaliser when Henrik Moisander errorred and Jan de Graaf could head the ball over the Ajax goalkeeper: 1-1.

Cesar Mendoza saw a red card ten minutes before halftime and the home side had to finish the match with ten players. But Ajax still allowed another goal after halftime from a counter attack.

Jason Culina saved his team. The Australian striker equalised three minutes before the end of regulation and thus made sure there would be an overtime period. IJsselmeervogels were broken, also because they had played with one player less for most of the match. Again Culina and Daniel de Ridder finished the amateur side off in the first half of the extra period.