Ajax 1 reduced to 28 players

Ajax 1 reduced to 28 players

Ajax's management has held individual talks with several players today. Jurgen Colin, Laurent Delorge, Albert Luque and Kenneth Perez were told that they do not figure in the plans that Marco van Basten has with Ajax 1.

The four are no longer part of the first team of Ajax as of today. Later this week they will report to Young Ajax, awaiting further developments.

Talks have also been held with Kennedy, Leonardo, George Ogararu and Dennis Rommedahl. They will remain with the first team, but they were told that the chance that they will be among the matchday squad of 18 players, is very small.

Marco van Basten: ,,We have been working for three weeks now, and all players have gotten their chances. In some cases that has led to new insights. That is why we have given clarity to a group of players today. The transfer window closes at the end of the month, and we expect that something will happen with a number of our players. In the end we want to work with a squad of some 24 players.”