'AFC Ajax eSports and 433 are strategic content partners'

'AFC Ajax eSports and 433 are strategic content partners'

Social media powerhouse 433 and eSports pioneers AFC Ajax have formed a strategic partnership. In just two years, Ajax eSports recognized as one of the leaders in FIFA eSports. To achieve the international goals of the virtual football division of AFC Ajax, the club has signed a partnership with world’s leading online football community in the world.

The huge potential of eSports has attracted 433 to invest more time and resources into the booming market. 433’s audience consist primarily of the younger generation who are extremely enthusiastic about eSports and specifically FIFA. FIFA related content is prominent on 433’s social media channels. 433’s second biggest Instagram account is 433FIFA with 1.6 million followers.

433 is the largest football community on social media. Over 16 million people follow 433 and at least 14,000 are professional footballers from the top 50 leagues in the world. 433’s influence and reach
have attracted top brands such as Adidas, Nike, Samsung, Sony and Hilton. On a monthly basis 433 generates 1.6 billion impressions and receives an estimated 675 million views on Instagram. According to NewsWhip, 433 has the highest average of engagements on posts, beating the likes of Bleacher Report, ESPN, Bleacher Report Football, and Sportbible.

,,433 and Ajax eSports are revolutionary entities both dedicated to leading their respective markets in the Netherlands and worldwide. Becoming strategic partners with Ajax eSports will enable us to further assert ourselves in a dynamic and rapidly growing industry. Combining our young audience and Ajax eSports’ talent will produce innovation and promising results for years to come", states Juul Manders, CEO of 433.

Last year, Ajax eSports won several international tournaments and became champion of the Dutch eDivisie as well. Today, Ajax eSports announced, in collaboration with 433, the signing of American world class FIFA pro Joey Calabro, currently the number one in the world on Xbox. The
American eSporter played for New York City FC previously.

International goals
Commercial Director of Ajax, Menno Geelen: ,,We noticed the content consumption of the new generation is different. 433 is unique in knowing how to reach this generation football fans as none other online community. With Ajax we do have the ambition to become the best football club
of the world in FIFA eSports. Both regarding the best performances and engagement of our FIFA-fans through unique content. This cooperation emphasized our international goals with our eSports domain.”

Ajax eSports and 433 will collaborate to develop innovative concepts that engage fans through live streams and activations. Ajax eSports is 433’s first partner in the eSports field.