Aegon Future Cup during Easter weekend

Aegon Future Cup during Easter weekend

Ajax and head sponsor Aegon are organising the Aegon Future Cup from April 19 to 21. It will be the fifth time that Ajax hosts the international youth tournament for B-juniors during Easter weekend. In addition to Ajax, title defender Anderlecht will also participate. Benfica, Fenerbahce, Celtic, Liverpool, AC Milan and the Brazilian team Corinthians will also take part in the tournament.

Just like in previous years, the tournament lasts three days. Participants will be divided into two pools of four teams. All matches will be played at the Toekomst sports complex.
The group matches will be played on Saturday, April 19 and Sunday, April 20th (Easter Sunday). The final matches will all take place on Easter Monday.

Pool A: Ajax, Liverpool, Corinthians, Celtic
Pool B: AC Milan, Benfica, Fenerbahce, RSC Anderlecht

Saturday April 19:

Ajax - Celtic (10:30)
Corinthians - Liverpool (10:30)
AC Milan - Benfica (12:00)
Fenerbahce - RSC Anderlecht (12:00)
Ajax - Corinthians (13:30)
Liverpool - Celtic (13:30)
Benfica - RSC Anderlecht (15:00)
AC Milan - Fenerbahce (15:00)

Sunday April 20:

AC Milan - Anderlecht (10:30)
Benfica - Fenerbahce (10:30)
Ajax - Liverpool (12:00)
Celtic - Corinthians (12:00)
Number 2 Pool A - Number 1 Pool B (13:30)
Number 1 Pool A - Number 2 Pool B (14:30)

Monday April 21:

Number 4 Pool A - Number 4 Pool B (10:00)
Number 3 Pool A - Number 3 Pool B (10:00)
Runner up semi-finals 1– Runner up semi-finals 2 (11:00)
Winner semi-finals 1 – Winner semi-finals 2(12:00)
Awards ceremony (13:15)