AEGON Future Cup: Ajax in semi finals

AEGON Future Cup: Ajax in semi finals

The Ajax Under 17s have earned themselves a place in the semi finals in the AEGON Future Cup. In a very attractive match coach Robin Pronk’s team won 3-0 against Celtic. Ajax plays Bayern München on Monday morning.

In the opening stage of the third group match, Celtic made it clear it was not to be an easy match. The Scottish talents began attacking and bared their teeth a few times. Paul Joseph George had the best opportunity. He took a powerful shot on goal from the right. It was an easy shot for team captain and keeper Peter Leeuwenburgh and he saved well.

After a couple of minutes in the opening stage, the Ajax players went on the attack. In the 12th minute they scored. The ball rolled in front of Elton Armah’s feet and the ‘number 19’ scored 1-0. Exactly five minutes later Armah scored beautifully again. Jordi Bitter sent a good crossing pass to Armah from the left. The player then kicked the ball into the net from midair: 2-0. Celtic had visible trouble recovering from those fast goals.

Ajax continued the style of play in the second half: not giving away any opportunities and attacking. Ajax player Abdelmalek El Hasnaoui sprinted to the Celtic goal with the ball at his feet. His belter was only just stopped by keeper Leonardo Fasan. Celtic had a minor opportunity via Patrick Anthony McNally who headed the ball over the goal after a good crossing pass by George.

Ajax kept searching for the third goal. Substitute Danzell Gravenberch had a nice play in the penalty box and shot at the near corner. Fosan managed to save by stretching his leg. In the 44th minute Ajax scored again. El Hasnaoui brought the score up to 3-0. A long distance curve ball landed in the top corner.

Robin Pronk was pleased with how the game went. ,,It was more than satisfactory, particularly the stage after half time. We have come first in our group and this is when the tournament really kicks off. This afternoon we are going to watch Ajax – Excelsior by way of relaxation. This evening we have a meeting and then we will focus on the semi final against Bayern München.’’