Advisory board resigns

Advisory board resigns

Ajax’s Advisory Board has announced that they are prepared to resign. This would take place in the short term, as soon as successors who could rely on overall support can be named. This is a very recent decision by the Advisory Board.

Concerning successors, the Advisory Board will launch the process according to the laws and statutes from the association, and will invite the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Council to recommend candidates who fit the profile.
The resignation will occur in phases, due to contractual limitations and financial issues which concern Ajax.
The Advisory Board, which consists of Steven ten Have (chairman), Johan Cruijff, Edgar Davids, Marjan Olfers and Paul Römer, was appointed on July 25, 2011.
Due to the above, the Special General Meeting for Shareholders will not take place. This meeting will occur tomorrow, Friday, February 10, at 2p.m.