“When it comes to football, I’ll try anything”

“When it comes to football, I’ll try anything”

Ajax crossed the border to Portugal for training camp.  This is a good time to check in with the Ajacieds about stretching boundaries, overcoming fears and making great plans.  In this training camp special, we talk to coach Peter Bosz.

Are you a daredevil?
“Yes, I am.  As a child, I was a daredevil and there wasn’t much that I was afraid of.  According to my parents, I often came home with bumps on my head and I was a frequent visitor to the Emergency Room.  I don’t really remember much of that myself, but when I see my scalp with all of its scars, then I am sure it all must be true.”

Are you still like that?
“I’m still a daredevil in some ways.  The older I get, the more risks I like to take.  In terms of football, I’ll try anything.  I have no boundaries.  I always try to go further, both in the past as a player, and currently as a trainer.”

Have you surprised yourself in the past year?
“I’m an old fogey, so I don’t really surprise myself much anymore.  I’ve gotten to know myself better through the years.  But still, unexpected things can always happen in life. For example, I would never have expected that I would go to Tel Aviv.  That was a sharp left turn.  But I can be very impulsive with that kind of thing.”

Do you enjoy taking risks?
“Yes, if they push the boundaries in a positive way.  In my work, I’m very rational, not impulsive.  At the same time, I’m very open to innovation and new ideas.  I’m not someone who thinks “This is my way, that’s how it is, and nobody can change that.”

Does the term ‘living on the edge’ apply to you?
“It does in some ways.  But I enjoy being in control and don’t give it up easily.  I find it scary to put my fate in the hands of others.”

Which boundaries are you going to push this year?
“I’m in a position where I am with clubs that play at a high level.  That’s amazing.  In the coming year, I would like to expand my abilities in that area.  I also would like to gain knowledge about the inner workings of a big club.  It’s different at Ajax than at Vitesse or Heracles.”