Upset Bosz: 'Gutted by 2-1 outcome'

Upset Bosz: 'Gutted by 2-1 outcome'

Ajax did score its coveted away goal, but the 2-1 loss was definitely not was Peter Bosz had in mind. The coach was disappointed at the loss.

“We started off very badly, had a few difficult minutes.  After that, we rallied and came into our own, played to our strengths.  We had the match under control and scored the 1-1 goal.  We also played well at the start of the second half, forced Copenhagen to retreat completely.  And it’s unfortunately in this phase that the 2-1 goal was scored.  I am absolutely gutted by this.”

The reporters at the press conference felt that Ajax was bull-dozered in the beginning.  “I didn’t see it that way.  Perhaps that was due to the chaos.   After the 1-0, we had a hard time.  Nick played the ball right into the opponent’s feet, and that was a tense moment, but no, I never felt that we were being run over.”

A Danish reporter asked if Bosz was surprised by Copenhagen.  “No, not at all.  We knew their strengths.  And they used them.” And on the subject of the Danish Ajacieds: “I saw two good Danish players.  Lasse was very important, he was always free.  And, as of a few matches, I’m seeing a good Kasper again.” Referring to the disqualified 2-2 goal: “That goal would not have been disqualified in England.”

Interesting return
How does Bosz see next week’s return game?  “We have the advantage of being at home, they have the advantage of a 2-1 win.  It will be an interesting game.  We showed today that we can play against Copenhagen.  That’s what we’re going to do at home, too.”