'This is an embarrassment'

'This is an embarrassment'

As the only Ajacied who also has a starting spot in the competition, Nick Viergever was on the squad for the cup match against Cambuur.  The defender will be suspended for the upcoming game on Sunday, but he was on the field today.  “This is an embarrassment”, observed the captain after the game.  “That’s putting it mildly”, added coach Peter Bosz.

During Sunday’s competition loss against Twente, Viergever was given his second yellow card when he made hands in the penalty kick area.  The awarded penalty kick ended up being the only goal of the game and resulted in a loss for Ajax.  A new setback followed on Thursday evening when the team posted its second loss in a row.  “We just should not lose to Cambuur”, said Viergever guiltily to the Fox Sports television camera.  “The cup is separate from competition.  You need to give everything for six or seven matches.  And when you check out like this…well, first you need to win your own duels, personally, and then the football usually follows.”

Not giving their best
Peter Bosz was also very disappointed, “It’s a disgrace, and that’s putting it mildly.  I have no words.  This has been the worst game under me.  Even the way we started.  We discussed it before the game.  When will Cambuur have a chance?  Only when their opponents are giving it their best.  And that’s exactly what happened.  We played at a very low pace.  It made no sense whatsoever.  Then you’re really just asking for it.  When you start off like that, it’s difficult to turn it around.  We tried to do that with three substitutions.  We scored soon after that.  But in the end, we lost, and rightfully so.  We didn’t make any impact. We performed very badly as a team and we’ve gone under our lowest threshold.”