'Saw an outstanding Ajax for an hour'

'Saw an outstanding Ajax for an hour'

Peter Bosz expressed mixed emotions at the press conference after Ajax – Rostov.  The result (1-1) disappointed him, but he praised the playing he saw.  ¨For an hour, I saw the Ajax that I want to see¨, said Bosz.  ¨That was the best football of this season.  But the result is a bit disappointing.¨

Today, we played against a team that has a totally different way of playing¨, said Bosz.  ¨It was interesting to see if we would also be able to play our game against a team like that.  And we did.  We held on to the game and applied pressure as soon as we lost possession.  We looked good.  After an hour, our powers ebbed away and I was afraid that Rostov´s counters would finally come, as that´s something they´re very good at.  Fortunately, that didn´t happen.¨

'No issue'

When the goal 1-0 goal against was scored, goalie Jasper Cillessen didn´t look good.  Bosz recognized the keeper´s negative contribution, but also expressed his support.  ¨Jasper is a fantastic keeper, but this wasn´t good.  This shouldn´t have happened to him.  But his still has my complete confidence.  This is not a reason to pass him over.  It´s actually not even an issue.  Jasper trains well, even fanatically, and he´ll turn himself around.¨

The expectation is that Ajax will need to dominate again in Rostov, but Bosz doesn´t see this as an issue.  ¨No problem.  This is the way we play and we always make the plays.  1-1 isn´t an ideal situation, I know that.  The best would have been to win, and we had the chances to do that.  But we also have the experience from PAOK and thus the knowledge that we can post a good result in an away game.¨