Proud Bosz: ‘Great job making the switch’

Proud Bosz: ‘Great job making the switch’

After the win against Standard Luik (1-0), Peter Bosz praised Ajax’s resilience after failing to reach the Champions League.  “Every athlete wants to be active at the highest level.  We would have loved to play in the Champions League.  But we didn’t make it, and we needed to make the switch in order to get the most out of the Europa League.  We’ve been doing well, with six points in two games.”

Bosz noted the big difference between the first and second half.  “I thought we played reasonably well prior to the break.  We were the dominant team, we were in control, and we created opportunities.  In the second half, the tables had turned.  On the one hand, this happened because they were trying to tie the game and played more offensively.  On the other hand, we were losing possession too quickly.”

'Amazing attack’
We should have scored the 2-0 goal in the first half.  The best would have been if he could have done that before the break, with that amazing attack”, said Bosz, referring to the moment when Kasper Dolberg decided to make a wide pass to Davy Klaassen instead of taking the shot himself.  “We wouldn’t have had such a nail-biting game in that situation.  They had their best chances in the last minutes.  They had that ball hitting the outside of the post, and a few other opportunities that they didn’t make the most of.”

Bosz was asked what he thought of Davinson Sánchez’s performance.  “I don’t think this was his best game, but at the same time, you can see how much we need him.  He’s fast, strong, and he anticipates where situations will arise.  In terms of his playing, he’s going to make more and more of an impact, although he shouldn’t overdo it.  But we’re very pleased with his development.  He’s a good player.”

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