Peter Bosz looks forward to special family meeting

Peter Bosz looks forward to special family meeting

SC Cambuur – Ajax is, besides an important round of sixteen match in the KNVB Cup, also a family affair..  Father Peter Bosz, Ajax’s coach, will face his son Gino, a player with Cambuur.  “According to Gino, they’re full of confidence over at Cambuur.”

Thursday evening’s cup match has been a subject of discussion for some time in the household, says father Peter.  “Shortly after the draw, we got in touch via app.  There were also some media requests to do a joint conference to look ahead to the game.  But because we’ve been so busy, we didn’t have time to do it.” With Cambuur, Gino’s the underdog, but he’s not assuming that his team will get eliminated.  Moreover: “He thinks that our cup adventure will end tomorrow.”

It’s not the first time that Peter and Gino are on the same match sheet in professional football, although the current setting is unique.  “When I was coaching at Vitesse, he was in my selection and he also made his debut.  After that, he went to Heracles.  With Vitesse, I played against Heracles, but I don’t think he played that match.  So if Gino plays tomorrow, it will be the first time that we’re facing each other like this.”

As a father, Bosz is very interested in his son’s actions, and is thus abreast of the ins and outs at Cambuur.  In that respect, he’s more than prepared.  “That’s true.  I’ve been to watch a few times, but that doesn’t change anything with the preparations.  That stays the same.  We’re going to listen to what Tonnie Bruins Slot has to tell us.”

Two birds
One of Cambuur’s games that Bosz attended live was the Ajax Reserves’ visit to Leeuwarden.  He killed two birds with one stone, because in addition to seeing his son play, he also saw Marcel Keizer’s reserves at work.  The Ajax Reserves took charge of the game in the final minutes and won, 1-3.  Bosz tried not to draw too many conclusions with regards to Cambuur’s game.  “We need to look at ourselves, and not so much at the opponent.”

In the previous cup match, as well as the last two European ones, Bosz took the chance to give his substitute players and talents some playing time and to give them a taste of the big leagues.  This could happen on Thursday evening as well.  “Of course we’re going to play with different players.  I’m not undermining the cup tournament by doing this.  Every member of our group of players has showed, both on a national and international level, that they are first-team players in their own right.”