Peter Bosz enthusiastic about 'amazing' De Ligt 

Peter Bosz enthusiastic about 'amazing' De Ligt 

After the 5-1 win against sc Heerenveen, Peter Bosz said that his team showed a lot of character during this game.  Matthijs de Ligt, especially, was the recipient of praise: “He set up the defense and took initiative in possession.  He did an amazing job.”

The Ajax coach wasn’t satisfied with the first half of the match.  “I thought that we started off badly.  People will always say that we were too sloppy, but that’s not what I think.”

“The difficulties came from Pelle van Amersfoort, who, from the side, moved over to the number ten position.  Because of that, our defenders were far away and we couldn’t put any pressure on the ball.”

De Ligt
Bosz said that teenager Matthijs de Ligt was an important factor in Ajax’s recovery: “It’s pretty special that the match was turned around by a 17 year-old.  He (De Ligt) set up the defense very well and took initiative in possession.  He did an amazing job.”

The defender has earned his coach’s trust over the many games that the teen has played this season.  The young guard has already played in seventeen games in Ajax’s first team.

Kasper Dolberg 
The coach said the following about goal-scorer Kasper Dolberg: “I hadn’t planned on letting him play for the entire game.  I would have been happy with one hour, but at halftime, Nick (Viergever) had to be sidelined and Davy (Klaassen) was having trouble.  That’s the reason that Dolberg ended up playing the whole match.”

“The real sharpness, like the way he turned away at the penalty, that still has to come back,  We’re now going to take a look at how he fares after the match, but I’m very pleased with how he played today, after an absence of four weeks.”

'Showed character’
“As a team, we showed character, because it’s not easy to turn around a match like this”, continued Bosz’s analysis.  “As a player, you need to dig deep to do it.  During the second half, we played out the game pretty well, which means that we were able to spare some of the guys.”

The coach was alluding to the upcoming Eredivisie and Europa League games: “I hope that we’ll be playing seven games in the next four weeks, and I’ll need everybody.  The substitutes did great, too”, Bosz praised Donny van de Beek,  Abdelhak Nouri and Deyovaisio Zeefuik, who make his debut.