Marcel Keizer talks about 'major blow'

Marcel Keizer talks about 'major blow'

Naturally, Marcel Keizer was disappointed at his team’s failure to qualify for the UEFA Champions League.  “Our goal was to reach the Champions League, we didn’t manage to do that, and it’s a major blow to us.”

“This match had so many faces”, continued the coach.  “We were unable to do much, for whatever reason, for the first 25 minutes.  OGC set the pace, the created opportunities and took advantage of our mistakes.  After that, we came into the game a bit better.  We were better and more aggressive with the ball.  This resulted in a 1-1 score at halftime, deservedly.”

In the locker room, Keizer said that Ajax wanted to approach the second half differently.  “In the second half, we wanted to completely go for it, which is what we did, somewhat.  Via a great goal, we took a 2-1 lead.  After that, we had opportunities to increase that to 3-1, so we could relax a bit.  But that proved to be difficult to do against this team.”

'We did everything we could, unfortunately it didn’t work out'

After OGC Nice’s tying goal, Ajax was unable to avoid elimination.  “That goal against came as we were going back, which isn’t our strongest suit.  We did everything we could, but unfortunately it didn’t work out.  Our goal was to reach the Champions League, which is good for the club and for the players.  We have many good talents who would have loved to play in the Champions League.”

'We need to move on'

In ten days, the first Eredivisie game is scheduled.  Heracles will be the opponent in Almelo.  Keizer is already looking ahead.  “We need to move on and look ahead to our first competition game.”

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