Loss despite Cassierra’s first goal

Loss despite Cassierra’s first goal

After the loss against KAA Gent, Ajax also lost its second friendly match on Saturday at the Toekomst.  Krylya Sovetov defeated them, 1-2.  Heiko Westermann, made his debut, Mateo Cassierra scored his first Ajax goal.

The matches against KAA Gent and Krylya Sovetov were played behind closed doors on Saturday at the Toekomst as a security measure.  After Ajax’s ‘starting team’ lost to Gent 0-2, Ajax’s second team’s start wasn’t great, either.  After six minutes, the line-up, under captain Lasse Schöne, went down, 0-1.  Krylya Sovetov ( ‘The Soviet Wings’) scored from within the box.

First goal Cassierra

Ajax, with Heiko Westermann making his debut, kept a cool head and tied the game in the tenth minute.  Mateo Cassierra scored with a good solid shot: his first goal with Ajax.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to post a win, since the Russian team scored again midway through the second half.

Ajax - Krylya Sovetov 1-2 (1-1): 6. Rodich 0-1. 10. Cassierra 1-1, 69. Tkachev 1-2.

Ajax: Boer (46. Onana), Van Rhijn, Viergever, De Ligt, Westermann; Van de Beek (46. De Jong), Schöne (59. Warmerdam), Sinkgraven; Cerny, Cassierra, Muric.