Hoogendijk and Koster extend contracts

Hoogendijk and Koster extend contracts

Anouk Hoogendijk (30) and Daphne Koster (35) have both extended their contract with Ajax for one more season.  Koster has been with the Ajax Women from the start, in 2012.  Hoogendijk, with her four years at Ajax, is also an experienced player in coach Ed Engelkes’ team.  Both players are looking ahead.

Hoogendijk: “It feels very good to sign on again with the team.  I had a tough time last year, with many disappointments.  I’m very happy to have the chance to set that right next season.  Hopefully I’ll remain fit and can play a great season.”

Koster also signed her contract extension with pleasure.  “I’m going to play with the best club in the Netherlands for another year.  I’ll do that with pride and honour”, said Koster.

Two foundations

Ed Engelkes saw his team narrowly miss out on the national championship as well as the cup.  However, he is convinced that, with the experienced Hoogendijk and Koster , things will be better.  “Daphne and Anouk are the foundations with which we started in 2012.  The fact that they’re still on board is reassuring.  Daphne is an amazing athlete, who had so much experience and can bring balance to the group.  Anouk has a completely different role within the team, and is the mortar for the bricks.  She makes sure that things stay coherent, and she’s very valuable both on and off the field”, concluded Engelkes.