De Boer: 'Well-deserved win'

De Boer: 'Well-deserved win'

In a week in which Ajax, in Scotland, posted its first European win in a long time, the team also won at PEC Zwolle.  That made Frank de Boer happy: “It was just a shame that we weren’t 4-0 or 5-0 ahead at halftime.”

De Boer complimented his team: “Since we played at Celtic in Thursday evening and didn’t return to Amsterdam until Friday, we didn’t have much time to prepare for this match.  On Saturday we analysed PEC Zwolle.  We especially took notice that PEC Zwolle played 5-3-2 in the second half against Roda JC and we used that in our training.  And twenty minutes into the game, PEC did switch over and we knew what to do.  It’a shame that we weren’t ahead by 4-0 or 5-0 by halftime.  Then it would have been over.  It’s happened before that we just haven’t been able to make that difference.  We need to realize that in those situations, we have to try another angle.  If someone has you by the throat, you need to persevere.  Because they can start going for broke.  The game could have been tied, but fortunately that didn’t happen.  We won, and we earned it.”

The fact that the score was only 0-1 at halftime was partly due to a number of missed scoring opportunities by Viktor Fischer.  De Boer: “It’s important to me that players get into scoring position.  He missed some shots, fine, but he’s the one who was most upset with himself about that.  He sprinted to the locker room at halftime and started yelling at himself.  He wanted to score so badly that he got out of position and in that way, he put the team at a disadvantage.  We’re working on that with him.”

He was very pleased with Donny van de Beek.  “It’s quite something when such a young player plays ninety minutes like that.  Donny can look back on a good debut as a starting player.  I was in doubt about whether I should bring in Serero for Donny.  That’s what I would have done if he had been tired.  I had given Joël the task of checking in with him.  Donny told Joël that he was doing fine.  So I brought in Serero for Milik.”

With Serero came the 0-2 goal: “It’s great that he is so hungry and fantastic that two substitutes made the difference at that moment.”