De Boer: ‘We had a tough first hour’

De Boer: ‘We had a tough first hour’

Ajax very narrowly won its match against Cambuur.  Coach Frank de Boer made the following analysis after the game: “We had a tough first hour.  After that, we should have put it away.”


These matches show how important an early goal can be.  The Amsterdam team struggled in several areas in this match.  De Boer: “It was difficult on artificial turf.  We never train on this surface and the ball really bounces differently.  We also don’t play very often against the 4-4-2 system that Cambuur uses.  We also had to wait and see how they were going to play.  Against this style, you need to have three players at the back, so we moved Dijks to midfield, which he isn’t accustomed to.  Looking back, I would have rather had a midfielder like Sinkgraven out there.”


Ajax controlled without creating danger.  “At halftime, I told them that we needed to be patient and that I would let Anwar El Ghazi warm up, because we were lacking speed up in the front.  In the end, a goal came out of that.  And after that goal was scored, we had four more one hundred per cent opportunities.”