De Boer very disappointed with result

De Boer very disappointed with result

With the top match against PSV on the horizon, Ajax was unable to take first place away from the Eindhoven team.  Naturally, coach Frank de Boer was not happy after the match.  “I’m very disappointed with the result.  This was completely unnecessary.  But we’re going to PSV with confidence.”

It didn’t look like NEC would win one point, as the visitors were barely on the radar in the second half. They hardly even left their own half.  Until eight minutes before the end, when Santos won the duel against Van der Hoorn and scored the tying goal.  “But it was mostly the first goal that they scored.  That just can’t happen.  But with the second goal, NEC did everything right.”

Bonus point for NEC

NEC’s coach, former PSV-er Ernest Faber, was naturally pleased: “This is a bonus point for us.  We worked hard for this.  NEC doesn’t win points here very often.”

Nothing to panic about

Frank de Boer was realistic: “I can’t say that the team didn’t do everything they could.  Sometimes, you just end a match with only one point.  There is nothing to panic about, because we played very well at times, and we can build on that.  It’s just a complete downer because we knew that PSV had played to a tie and that they would have then been in a position where they needed to beat us.  Now it’s the other way around, and that’s too bad.  How costly this will be to us remains to be seen on May 8th.  But we’re going to PSV with confidence.”