De Boer: 'This was a true team achievement'

De Boer: 'This was a true team achievement'

Frank de Boer was naturally pleased with the away win at Vitesse.  Ajax’s coach says that the win was a true team achievement.  The only downside was Davy Klaassen’s injury.  The captain will most likely miss the cup match against Feyenoord.

After just five minutes, De Boer saw that his players had their opponents under control.  “Beforehand, we knew we would have to wait and see how the players would be after the disappointing loss against Fenerbahçe.  And I saw early on that we were fine.  We put pressure on at the right times, and Vitesse was barely able to get into the game.”

De Boer thought the goal against was especially bitter, given the relative performance of each team.  “Fortunately we were resilient.  I need to give my players a huge compliment for that.  This win was a true team achievement.  Unfortunately it wasn’t 1-4.  That would have been fantastic, symbolically, for Johan Cruijff.”

Show of support for Cruijff

The show of support for the sick Johan Cruijff made a strong impression on De Boer.  The entire stadium stood up to applaud him during the fourteenth minute.  “It was a beautiful tribute.  Not only for Johan, but for everyone suffering from that terrible disease.  We will support Johan in good and in bad times.  Hopefully he’ll get better soon.”


Davy Klaassen’s injury was a disappointment for De Boer.  The captain remained in the locker room in the second half following a collision with Vitesse captain Guram Kashia in the first half.  De Boer: “The doctor said that Davy was showing similar symptoms to the last collision he suffered during the PSV game.  He got a pretty good knock on the head.  That’s why we didn’t want to take any risks with him.” When asked if the international would be able to play in the midweek cup match against Feyenoord, De Boer answered: “That will most likely be impossible.  He’ll be tested on Monday, but the match against Feyenoord will be a bit too soon for him.  I’m counting on having him back next weekend against Roda JC.”