De Boer: 'This is very disappointing'

De Boer: 'This is very disappointing'

Ajax was disqualified from the cup tournament by Feyenoord on Wednesday in the worst possible way.  An own goal scored by Joël Veltman limited the 2015-2016 cup season to just two matches.  Frank de Boer must now wait at least another season to win his first cup as Ajax’s coach.  He looked back on this Classic with disappointment.

“I saw a fantastic first half”, emphasized De Boer at the press conference, talking directly about the strongest Ajax show of the Classic.  “That’s the best half I’ve seen to date.  Especially considering the circumstances here in de Kuip.  We completely dominated for the first 45 minutes.”  The Amsterdam goals didn’t come, and that was all due to sloppiness.  Ajax sometimes seemed to forget to pull the trigger in the lively Kuip.  De Boer: “We can only blame ourselves for not scoring.”

‘Ajax swept into Feyenoord’s game’

Ajax’s missed opportunities ended up costing the team in a big way.  “In the second half we also had possession of the ball, but then each time we would be pushed back 30 or 40 meters after losing possession”, recalled De Boer.  Feyenoord sought the limits of what was possible in the second half.  “We got pulled into that too much.  That was stupid.  Maybe that drew us out of the match a bit.  Before halftime, I saw a very good Ajax.  The a match lasts 90 minutes.”

The pressure on Ajax goalies Diederik Boer and Jasper Cillessen (Boer was forced out due to injury in the last fifteen minutes) increased as the match wore on.  This was a long and painful lead up to the fatal closing minute.  It was Joël Veltman who scored against his own team four minutes into extra time.  This goal put a premature end to Ajax’s cup aspirations this season.  “Veltman doesn’t deserve this.  He played a very good match.  Joël will be on the squad on Saturday against Roda JC.”

“I’m a disappointed coach”, said De Boer, underlining the impact of the loss once again. 
 “This is very disappointing.” Ajax won’t have to wait long in order to avenge itself of this cup loss.  The Sunday after next, a new Eredivisie edition of Feyenoord – Ajax is on the program.