De Boer: 'This is still sports'

De Boer: 'This is still sports'

After a big win against FC Twente (4-0), Frank de Boer didn’t deny that Ajax had taken a huge step towards winning the national championship, but he was wary of premature euphoria.  “Of course we should win this, but this is still sports.  De Graafschap has nothing to lose next week, and we have everything to lose.”

In its last home game of the season, Ajax laid an important stake in the ground.  De Boer praised the entire team’s performance. “Everything is coming together now, as it should with a top club.  The level of competition should be high, so I can make choices.” It spoke volumes that it was the entire team which was selected as Man of the Match.  “It was tough.  I thought that many of the guys played well. And if you win your last home game by 4-0, then they all deserve it.”

Show it

De Boer had said that Ajax needed to play with their chins up.  “At this point, it’s about who wants it most.  I told the players this: you guys decide if you want to win the championship.  You need to show that from the very first minute.  I think the guys did that.”

De Boer didn’t keep track of the developments in Eindhoven at the PSV – Cambuur game.  “At halftime, I saw that the score was 3-2, but nothing more.  My focus was on our own game.  I also thought that the final score in that match was 5-2, but it seemed that they scored in  the last minute one more time.” The coach won’t be staying tuned to any other matches next week at de Vijverberg, either.  “Next week, we need to do exactly the same thing.”

“We don’t have anything yet”, concluded De Boer.  “The players realise that all too well.  We took a very important step.  Next week, we’ll head into the match with concentration and a dose of healthy excitement.  I have confidence.  If we do what we’re supposed to do, I’m convinced that we’ll end up with that trophy in our hands.”