Changes in Supervisory Board

Changes in Supervisory Board

AFC Ajax NV’s Supervisory Board expects to add two new members during this calendar year.  This nomination will take place during an upcoming Special General Shareholders’ Meeting. 

These nominations are the result of the recent changes within management and the Supervisory Board, as previously announced in a press release on September 6, 2015.  With the intended nomination of Dolf Collee to the position of Managing Director and CEO, at a subsequent General Shareholders’ Meeting, a vacancy has been created within the Supervisory Board.  After the announcement of this change, Collee stepped down as a commissioner.  Supervisory Board director Hans Wijers has also announced his desire to step down in the short term, which will create a second vacancy within the Supervisory Board.

Discussions are currently being held with several candidates.  Upon completion of this, nominations will follow, during a Special General Shareholders’ Meeting, for two intended new members of the Supervisory Board.

Wijers’ reaction

Hans Weijers: “My colleagues in the Supervisory Board have known for some time of my desire to free up some of my time for other things.  I didn’t want to just step down right away, but preferred to wait until the time was right, both organizationally and administratively.  With the recently announced changes within management, this has been accomplished.  The club is also stable, both financially and business-wise.  We’ve achieved a lot together.  Athletically speaking, it is a shame that we didn’t reach the UEFA Champions League, but we are doing well in the Eredivisie.  The players in whom the club has the most confidence, both in the A selection and in the youth teams, all have long-term contracts. That’s important as well.”

Wijers continues: “Ajax’s management will be led by Dolf Collee next year, and after that, Edwin van der Sar will take over.  Together with Jeroen Slop and Marc Overmars, they will be responsible for running the club on a daily basis.  I have a lot of confidence in this management, both for the short and the long term.  Leo van Wijk has announced his readiness to take over the chairman’s role from me.  He knows the club thoroughly and also has a wealth of international experience at top managerial level, and that is beneficial for Ajax as well.”