Bosz: 'We’re not going to follow ADO’s lead'

Bosz: 'We’re not going to follow ADO’s lead'

Ajax will play at ADO Den Haag on Sunday, which promises to be a charged afternoon.  Peter Bosz is familiar with this feeling, but refuses to give in.  “As a coach, I look at my own players for 95 per cent.  Obviously we’re preparing for ADO, but we’re not going to follow their lead.  We have our own playing style and we always want to follow that, regardless of whether we’re at home or away.”

Ajax is looking at a busy schedule for the next few weeks.  “Seven matches in three weeks”, specifies Bosz.  And the next question is about whether he will find it necessary to rotate the players.  “It’s very likely that we’re going to need all of the guys during this period.” Bosz needs to look out for the short and long term.  “Of course I’m trying to look ahead, especially in terms of planning the trainings for the next three weeks.  But in terms of matches, I’m only looking at the next one.”

Entertain the crowd 
Although several of the upcoming matches are away – for example, next week’s matches against Celta de Vigo and Feyenoord – Bosz refuses to refer to this as an ultimate test.  “That term gets used so much.  Each match is a test.  I would rather call them interesting matches.  Again, we are looking at each match as it comes and we are trying to win them all, just as we’ve been doing in the last little while.”


Bosz is pleased to note that Ajax is on an upswing.  At the same time, he emphasized that the peak has not yet been reached.  “I wasn’t satisfied in the beginning, even after winning a match.  I also spoke openly about this.  But looking at the last eight matches, you can see that we’re gradually starting to play better. We’re entertaining the crowd for parts of the game and we’re gaining control in terms of ball possession.  In addition to that, we’ve kept a clean sheet for four straight games.  We’re not there yet in terms of the total picture, but we’re definitely taking steps.”

In the process, the substitutes have made an important contribution.  Several squad players from last season have been relegated to the backburner.  Bosz, however, is pleased with his reserves.  “Obviously they’re not always happy, but this is the hard reality of top football.  The only place they can show how they feel is on the training field, and in the playing time they get.  I think that they are approaching it all very well, and I’ve been saying that for a few weeks now.  I can only say good things about their attitude.  The level of the trainings, and of the other guys, has gone up thanks to this.”

'Outstanding Sánchez' 
Bosz was asked his thoughts on Davinson Sánchez’s development.  The coach had praise for him.  “The guy won the Copa Libertadores, and played every game.  You need to be at a pretty high level for that.  Of course, Dutch football culture is a bit different.  For example, we require things in terms of ball possession that he still needs to improve on.  On the other side, when we don’t have possession, he contributes things that we don’t often see here.  Of course things can always be better, but he’s just twenty years old, and I think he’s doing an outstanding job.”

Someone who will be in a position to prove himself soon is keeper Tim Krul.  The loaned-out Newcastle United player is recovering from a serious knee injury.  “Tim is now fully participating with the keepers, but isolated.  The next step is for him to join the group trainings.  If that goes well, then it means that he’s fit to keep in a match.”  Krul is therefore not yet in the match selection.  “No, if you’ve been out for so long, you can’t just jump straight into the first team.”

Sunday’s opponent, ADO, saw its internationals suffer.  But Bosz refuses to count his chickens before they’re hatched.  “ADO had a fantastic start with three wins.  That’s a pretty good achievement with a new coach and many new players.  After that, things deteriorated a bit.  But perhaps, during the interland break, they’ve put thing together again.  We don’t know. We can think of all kinds of theories, but I’m trying to focus on my own guys.  I don’t know what ADO is planning, only what we’re planning.  We’re going to try to dominate this game.”