Bosz: 'We´re going to hit hard'

Bosz: 'We´re going to hit hard'

Peter Bosz wants to see a sharp Ajax at Wednesday´s  kick-off against PAOK.  “We need to be focused and concentrated from the start.  I´m also counting on the fact that our opponents will start off the same way.  We need to hit hard.  We will do that, it fits our style.”

Bosz emphasized the importance of the return match against PAOK.  After a 1-1 draw in Amsterdam, Ajax needs to score in Greece during this third round UEFA Champions League qualifying match.  “This is a critical match for Ajax.  It is very important for us to move to the next round.”  Although the pressure is high, Bosz looks forward to the sold-out game in Toumba stadium.  “Of couse it´s very exciting and there is a lot at stake, but that´s the great thing about my job.”


The Greek press asked Bosz about the average age of the team.  The coach doesn´t feel that Ajax is lacking in experience.  “There is a difference between young players and inexperienced players.  Many of our young players, with the exception of players like Kasper Dolberg, have quite a bit of experience.  Yes, in age, they´re young.  But they have experience when it comes to playing these key matches.”

Amin Younes remained in Amsterdam due to a groin injury.  Bosz is hoping that the German will be better in time for Sunday´s start of competition.  “This match was too soon and it was impossible for Amin to play.  When we return on Amsterdam on Thursday, we´ll see how Amin is doing, and whether he can play against Sparta or not.  But his injury won´t last for weeks and weeks.”

Gudelj and Bazoer 

Last week, Nemanja Gudelj and Riechedly Bazoer were absent.  Both midfielders could potentially play on Wednesday evening.  “Nemanja could definitely play.  Last week, he was sitting out his suspension”, said Bosz, but he was unclear about whether or not the Serb would play.  “In Bazoer´s case, we´ll check him out in the last training, and determine whether or not he´s fit enough.”

PAOK – Ajax starts at 20:30 on Wednesday, Dutch time.  The Champions League third round qualifying match will be broadcast live by Ziggo Sports.