Bosz: 'We played well at times'

Bosz: 'We played well at times'

Peter Bosz was fairly pleased with Ajax’s season opener at Sparta.  His competition debut was coupled with decent play and a 1-3 win.  “I think that we deserved to win”, said Bosz.  “We scored two good goals, the 0-1 and 1-2, and played well at times.”

Although the opponent was at a lower level, Ajax did remarkably better than it had against PAOK on Wednesday.  In Thessaloniki, Ajax had struggled.  “Our intentions were clear”, said Bosz.  “We applied pressure and played in their half.  It wasn’t easy against a team who was playing so compactly, but we had our chances.”

Bosz stuck with his starting line-up for a long time, and he had his reasons for that.  It was only in the final minutes that he made three substitutions.  “As a trainer, you’re always looking for a grip.  After the 1-2 goal, we had that.  You don’t want to disrupt that.  They didn’t press anymore, not even when it was 1-3.  In that case, you don’t really need to make changes.”

Ajax’s coach had a compliment for Daley Sinkgraven, who was outstanding with one goal and one assist.  “Daley played a great game.  Prior to the match, I had said that he’s more of a midfielder than a forward.  But played between the lines very well.”