Bosz: ‘We didn’t have a championship team when we started’

Bosz: ‘We didn’t have a championship team when we started’

“We did what we needed to do, and that was to win.  We couldn’t do any more than that”, said Peter Bosz after Willem II – Ajax (1-3).  Despite the win in Tilburg, the Ajacieds didn’t win the title.  “I’m a bit sick from that.”

“I would first like to extend my warm congratulations to everyone with a Feyenoord heart”, continued Bosz.  “We have 81 points, which is a lot.  But the team above us has 82.  They’ve really earned the championship throughout the entire season.  We now have a championship-worthy team, but that wasn’t yet the case at the start of the season.”

A different scenario than planned
Bosz knew fairly early on that winning the championship would be a tough assignment.  “We came here hoping to score quickly.  If that message would get to Rotterdam, they would perhaps get nervous.  But that scenario actually took place in de Kuip.”

The Ajacieds’ focus can now shift completely to Manchester United, their opponent in the Europa League final.  Between now and then, Ajax will only train, with no matches.  Bosz has a good feeling about this.  “We already have an example of this kind of situation with this year’s cup final.  Then, we also didn’t have any matches for a while, and then we played at home against Lyon.  That was a pretty good game, wasn’t it?”

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