Bosz: 'We did a great job'

Bosz: 'We did a great job'

Peter Bosz was very happy with Ajax’s performance at NEC.  In Nijmegen, they won 1-5.  “I think that we did a great job.”

Bosz liked what he saw in Goffert Stadium. “If you look at our third goal – how it started, how the attack flowed, how we played between the lines and finished off so beautifully…I really enjoyed that.”

Luxury problems
In Nijmegen, several players made their mark, which is something that, naturally, pleases Bosz.  “Today, we showed that we have many very good players.  For example, Jairo Riedewald substituted very well.  But this is a great problem to have, isn’t it?  Much better than scratching my head about who to put in the line-up.”

There was one thing that Bosz didn’t like.  The 1-3 goal against, early in the second half.  “It was ridiculous, that should obviously never be allowed to happen.  We’re almost always playing against teams who are waiting for that transition.  And further, we weren’t good in our positions, otherwise that player would never have been so free to get to the keeper like that.”

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