Bosz: 'We brought nothing tonight'

Bosz: 'We brought nothing tonight'

Peter Bosz expressed disappointment after the painful loss in Russia.  He said that  Ajax hadn’t played with any guts.  “We deserve this elimination.”

“I could see early on that we were anxious in the field.  From the first minute, we were sloppy in our possession.  We didn’t dare to play with any guts.  And we had to, in order to book a good result here.  The pressure was high for this match, although we have some guys with us who have been through that before.”

Bosz continued: “This was a totally different match than the first one (1-1).  In Amsterdam, we just should have scored more.  Tonight, we brought nothing.  We deserve to be eliminated and Rostov rightfully moves on to the Champions League.”

“It was very quiet in the locker room afterwards.  At that moment, I didn’t say anything.  Everyone knew that we had played badly and had wasted an incredible opportunity.  We just hadn’t been good enough.  Over two matches, Rostov was better.  And if we play like we did today, we don’t belong in the Champions League.”