Bosz wants to win Classic: ‘I’m sure everyone knows that’

Bosz wants to win Classic: ‘I’m sure everyone knows that’

Peter Bosz got straight to the point when discussing the upcoming Classic against Feyenoord on Sunday.  Only a win will suffice for the Ajacieds.  “It’s a very clear assignment, but a difficult one to execute.  We need to win.”

Bosz is always the picture of calm, and he was no different two days before a crucial match.  However, in his weekly press conference, the Ajax coach admitted that he’s getting a bit nervous.  “It’s just as exciting for me as for everyone else.  It’s a top match, and the championship is at stake.  We need to win in order to remain in contention.  I’m sure everyone knows that.  It’s pretty simple.”

Feyenoord is currently enjoying a six point lead and a better goal balance than Ajax.  In that respect, the Amsterdam team would like to win big against their rivals.  Not only to deal Feyenoord a blow and increase the pressure on the team, but also to decrease its own deficit in terms of goal balance.

'Let’s not get ahead of ourselves’
But Bosz refused to look at it like that.  “First of all, I’ll be very happy if we win.  We have to see how the game unfolds.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Feyenoord is a tough team to beat.  But then again, so was Copenhagen.”

Feyenoord will be missing Tony Vilhena, an important player.  According to Bosz, the opponent will feel his absence, although he didn’t want to give it too much importance.  “Vilhena is an important player for Feyenoord.  That was clear at their away game at Heerenveen.  They’ll have to set up their midfield differently and will definitely make some changes.  But I think we would have had the same chances with Vilhena.  We just need to look at ourselves.  We are the ones who need to do this.”