Bosz: 'Secure second place with Go Ahead Eagles game'

Bosz: 'Secure second place with Go Ahead Eagles game'

Sandwiched between the Lyon games, Ajax will play against Go Ahead Eagles on Sunday.  This is not seen as an inconvenient interruption of the European play, says Peter Bosz.  “We’d love to be first in the Eredivisie, but that’s going to be tough.  So we need to secure second place.  So the goal is to defeat Go Ahead Eagles.  Otherwise, we’re leaving it up to the last game against Willem II, and we’d rather not do that.”

“It’s a bit strange to say that this game is just as important as the one against Lyon, but all season, I’ve been just focussing on the game in front of me”, continues Bosz.  “Our focus is totally on Go Ahead.  Right now, I’m looking at which players we can best beat Go Ahead with.  I’m not thinking about Lyon right now at all.  That’s going to come after Sunday’s match.”

The Ajacieds enjoyed a day off on Friday.  On Thursday, following the Ajax-Olympique Lyon (4-1) game, this match was still the subject of much discussion.  Bosz appeared tired at the Toekomst sports complex.  He had gone to bed at 4:30 the previous night, and thus hadn’t slept much.

Coach’s view
“Last night, I watched the game on television again”, said Bosz.  “Honestly, when you’re watching the game from the sidelines, you get one vision of the game.  But that’s really just the coach’s view, not the spectators’ view.  Today, I looked at the game again but with our own camera, which has an overview of the entire field.   Then I can see our defense, for example.”

In his enthusiasm, Bosz – who often has a serious approach- made an exception.  “Normally I always watch with the sound off, to be considerate of others in the room.  But this time, I left the volume on.  Just at Hakim’s free kick, on which Bertrand scored, I turned in on.  It was such a riot that I had to leave the sound on.  The crowd experienced it so intensely, the oohs and aahs.  It was very special.”

There’s a chance that Bosz will give several players a rest against Go Ahead.  “We’re heading to the end of the season now.  The advantage is that we have an extra day’s rest leading up to Go Ahead.  There’s a chance that I’ll let some of the other guys play.”

Absent Daley Sinkgraven
Bosz refused to discuss specifics but he is not excluding the option of making some radical changes.  “It depends on what I want, but I think that our selection is broad enough to allow me to put in ten different players.  Or eleven.”

Except for Daley Sinkgraven, the coach has a fit selection at his disposal.  The left back will not be playing against Go Ahead, said Bosz.  “He first will need to train with the group, and he hasn’t done that yet.  Will he be back for the Lyon game?  I don’t know.”