Bosz praises Twente: 'They're having a good comeback'

Bosz praises Twente: 'They're having a good comeback'

Peter Bosz has admiration for FC Twente’s revival.  The team will be Ajax’s opponent in Enschede on Sunday.  “I think they’re doing surprisingly well.  Nice.  They’re coming back from the dead, that’s great.”

Bosz and his selection returned to Amsterdam on Friday at around 13:00.  Some players had small eyes, just like the coach himself.  “A bit tired”, explained Bosz.  “We don’t usually sleep very much after a match.”

The smile on Bosz’s face revealed that he had a good feeling about the draw at Standard Liège (1-1).  Ajax is now undefeated in twenty matches.  “On the way back, I looked at the first half again.  Honestly, it was even better than I remembered from watching on the sidelines.  I thought we played well, and were solid with our ball possession.”

But Bosz has a caveat.  “If you’re playing so much better than the opponent, and creating so many more and much better scoring opportunities, then you should win the match.” But the mood was positive, especially when it came to the brilliant group phase.  “We didn’t lose in a pool with teams that were all equal in strength.  When you stand out like we did, then you can be pleased.”

Another positive thing is that all of the Ajacieds came out of the stride relatively unscathed.  “We just got back from Liège and we’re going to train with a few other players.  But I don’t think that we suffered any major injuries.”

Schöne and Sinkgraven
But there are still some question marks around some Ajacieds who missed out on the game at Standard, and remained in Amsterdam as a precaution.  “Sinkgraven and Schöne have been treated and it’s going well.  We’ll see how they’re doing in the training afterwards.”

Bertrand Traoré is currently in England, at Chelsea.  “That’s protocol”, according to Bosz.  “Chelsea has an agreement with clubs who loan out their players that if a player is injured for longer than two or three days, they need to see him.  We’re hoping that he can return today or tomorrow.” Finally, Bosz gave a medical update on Vaclav Cerny, who checked out on the eve of Standard Liège – Ajax.  “Vaclav will be examined and treated shortly.”

Manchester City
On Sunday, the game at FC Twente awaits.  Bosz feels that the opponent has shown a very good side.  “I have to say that the people at Twente have put together a good selection, with several players who are unknown to us here in the Netherlands.  They obviously have the link to Manchester City.  I think Twente is playing good football and performing well.  There’s a reason that they’re so high.”

Should Ajax score, then a club record will be matched.  The Ajacieds have scored in 42 straight matches, something that has only previously happened between December 1996 and March 1998.  Bosz isn’t concerned with that.  “It shows that we’re doing something good.  But it doesn’t give us any points that, together with playing well, that’s the most important thing.  But breaking a record now and again is very nice.”

FC Twente - Ajax kicks off on Sunday at 16:45.