Bosz: ‘No venom until the second half’

Bosz: ‘No venom until the second half’

At the press conference after Ajax – FC Twente (3-0), Peter Bosz was short and to the point.  He had seen extremes in the way Ajax played.  “Today, we only needed one half to win this game.”

Bosz was talking about the second half, because he was furious about the first 45 minutes.  “The first half was awful.  I was so angry and I hope I never have to see that again.  We turned it around in the second half.  That’s when I saw the Ajax we all want to see, with venom in our eyes and very aggressive.”

'Preaching to the choir’
The coach was pleased with Hakim Ziyech’s performance.  The played had been absent on Thursday evening against FC Copenhagen due to exhaustion.  “I thought he was having a hard time in the beginning, but he picked up really well after that.  I thought he was really good in the second half.  I’m maybe preaching to the choir here, but he made a great impression.”

Bosz explained why he pulled Daley Sinkgraven.  “That was a precaution.  Daley indicated that his hamstring was bothering him.  So we decided not to take any risks, thinking of next Thursday.”