Bosz: ‘Need to be in top form in France’

Bosz: ‘Need to be in top form in France’

Peter Bosz was a proud coach after Ajax – Olympique Lyon (4-1), but refused to take anything for granted.  “We are in a great position, but the first twenty minutes – in which we played poorly – have taught us that we’re definitely not there yet.  We’ll need to give another top performance in Lyon in order to reach the finals.”

Nobody could accuse Bosz of not being understated.  “I thought we played OK in the second half”, said Bosz, tongue in cheek.  And then, in all seriousness, he continued.  “It was an odd game.  It thought that we were pretty bad in the first 15 to 20 minutes.  Lyon put us under pressure and we weren’t able to play.  It looked like we were tense.”

'8-4 could have happened, too'

“But in contrast to what we’ve been doing all season, we converted our first two opportunities.  We were suddenly up 2-0.  In combination with the fantastic crowd, something beautiful happened.”

Ajax philosophy
Many international reporters attended the press conference.  They wondered if Ajax would put itself back on the international map, as was the case in the golden nineties.

People who follow Ajax know that we’ve played several matches like this, even if they weren’t as open as this one was”, said Bosz.  “But we also played well against Feyenoord and Schalke, I thought that both of those games were better than today’s.  But at Ajax, we stand for offensive football.  We want to win, but in a compelling way.  We believe that we also need to play for the fans and supporters.”

With the big win, Ajax seems to be sitting pretty, but Bosz refuses to count his chickens before they’re hatched.  “Againt Schalke, we saw that we couldn’t just rest on a 2-0 lead.  And Schalke isn’t as high in my estimation as Lyon, which I think are a fantastic team.  No, the match isn’t over.  We know that we need to be in top form in France again.  But we’ve shown that we have a very good team.”