Bosz: 'If you’re in the lead for that long, you hope to win’

Bosz: 'If you’re in the lead for that long, you hope to win’

According to Peter Bosz, one point in the Classic was the fair outcome of the Feyenoord – Ajax match (1-1).  “Looking at the entire match, I can live with a tie.  But if you’re in the lead for so long, and right up until the end, obviously you hope you're going to win.”

Bosz was not impressed with the first half.  “It wasn’t great”, he said.  “That was mainly our own fault.  I thought we played badly, we lost possession quickly, and we were playing on the same side a lot. Ajax didn’t look brisk, and in fact it seemed as though several of the guys were tired out.”

Best opportunities
In the second half, especially after Dolberg’s goal, the Ajacieds looked better.  “At halftime, we said: ‘stop being so hesitant’.  Fortunately, we started playing better after that.   Feyenoord had opportunities in the first half, but not that many in the second half.  When they started playing 1 to 1, we had the best opportunities.  With Dolberg, who managed to get through with a fantastic individual effort, and another one for El Ghazi.

But the point allocation doesn’t have any impact on the race for the title, reminded Bosz.  “Beforehand, I was asked if this match was crucial.  In retrospect, it wasn’t.  We’re still five points behind, but there still many games to go.  Moreover, history has taught us that it’s even possible to make up a nine-point deficit.”