Bosz: 'I hadn’t expected this from PEC'

Bosz: 'I hadn’t expected this from PEC'

On Saturday evening, Ajax will meet PEC Zwolle in the Amsterdam ArenA.  The team is ranked last after six games.  The Zwolle team’s poor performance comes as a surprise to Bosz.  “I hadn’t expected them to be in last place, with just two points.”

“Definitely because Zwolle has been performing consistently well in the past years”, said Bosz at the press conference.  “But it can happen that if a team like this loses several key players, things go downhill quickly.”

The press conferences are now held on Thursdays.  So this time, the cup match against Willem II, in which Ajax made a very good impression, was extensively discussed.   Bosz had predicted a lively performance by the Amsterdam team, but also knew that he might get his hands burned.

“When you play ten different players, and all eleven are in different positions, then you know that you will get many questions.  About whether or not you take the cup seriously, for example.  I knew these questions would be asked, but I had a great feeling about this line-up.  At each match, I feel like we’re going to win it – that’s a good thing, since I create the line-up – and I had the feeling beforehand that this could deliver a big win.”

Bosz was also very pleased with the way his players reacted.  “I told the guys: if you’re trying to make my life difficult as a coach, then you’ve all succeeded.  All of the guys who got a chance showed their determination and abilities.”

“I feel like I’ve made many switches at Ajax.  That shows that I’m still working it out”, continued Bosz.  “Many of the guys who played yesterday also played on the squad at the start of the season.  Those are players from the Dutch national team as well as Lasse Schöne, who plays on the Danish national team.” But Bosz doesn’t beat around the bush.  “When things aren’t going so well, I don’t get fazed very easily. By the same token, you can’t get too euphoric when they go well, either.”

Lift to a higher level
Bosz acknowledges that he has a luxury problem.  But that’s not always easy, says the Ajax coach.  “If you have to tell a player that he’s not playing because he hasn’t been performing well, it’s tough.  But it’s much more difficult to pass over a player who has been playing well.  We have a very strong selection, that’s a fact.  Normally, a selection consists of eighteen, nineteen or twenty players, but we have a group of 25.  If competition lifts the players to a higher level, that’s a good thing.”

At the same time, Bosz sees the possibility to rotate.  “You can never win a competition with eleven players, so we’re going to need everyone.  We’re now going to play three matches is rapid succession.  After that, we’re going into an interland period, and many of the guys will travel with their country teams.  Many Ajax players are internationals.  That rhythm of three games per week will continue until the winter break.  Considering the busy schedule, everyone will get playing minutes.”