Bosz: 'Hard but fair conclusion'

Bosz: 'Hard but fair conclusion'

Peter Bosz didn´t beat around the bush after Ajax – Roda JC.  The draw (2-2) disappointed the coach.  ¨We can only blame ourselves for this draw, which feels like a loss.  That´s a hard but fair conclusion.¨

¨We should always beat Roda when we´re at home¨, said Bosz.  ¨We also had the opportunities.  We should have scored that third goal.  On the other hand, we also shouldn´t have two goals scored against us by Roda, at home.  We gave away that first goal.  Since it remained 2-1 for a long time, we continuously fell back.  That´s why we only have ourselves to blame for this score.¨


Bosz didn´t only see bad things.  ¨The 1-0 was a good goal and so was the 2-1.  After that, we should have continued, but the pace was too slow.  It needed to be faster.  Then, the opponent would have gotten tired in the second half and we could have made the difference.¨

The fact that Ajax hasn´t come into itself fully doesn´t surprise Bosz.  ¨That´s not so strange.  We´ve only been playing for about five or six weeks.  It takes time to adapt to a new way of playing.  And it will happen.  But it just wasn´t good enough today.  If it had been, we wouldn´t have tied with Roda at home.¨