Bosz: ‘Happy that it will be decided on the final day’

Bosz: ‘Happy that it will be decided on the final day’

After Ajax – Go Ahead Eagles, Peter Bosz empathized with his fellow coach Robert Maaskant.  After losing 4-0, the Deventer club has been officially degraded.  “I’m a bit sad about that”, said Bosz.  “They’re the first club that I had season ticket for, as an Apeldoorn native.  I really feel for Go Ahead.”

But that was the only blemish for Bosz on an otherwise spectacular afternoon.  “No, I don’t mind that they lost”, was Bosz’s reaction when asked if he felt for his former club, Feyenoord.  “I’m glad that things went well in Rotterdam, so that everything will be decided on the last day of play.”

“I’m happy that we won”, continued Bosz.  “We needed to do that in order to keep our chances alive.  If you hear three loud cheers during the second half, then you know that something’s up.  I don’t think we played a majestic game.  Perhaps it was too easy, so the players thought they could allow themselves to be a bit more frivolous.”

History in Almelo
When asked about Ajax’s current chances in the race for the title, Bosz wouldn’t get into specifics.  “We’ll need to wait and see.  I don’t know what’s going to happen, and neither do you.  Our chances are better than before this round of play, definitely.  They had two shots, and now they have one.  The pressure will increase.  This club knows all about that.  You can never take the title for granted until you’ve won it.”

Ajax’s hopes are now pinned on Heracles Almelo, which will play on Sunay in de Kuip.  Both Bosz and assistant Krüzen have histories in Almelo.  And the logical question followed about whether they’ve already reached out to Heracles.  “I’ll leave that to Hendrie.  He has better contacts”, said Bosz with a wink.