Bosz enjoyed Ajacieds both on and off the field

Bosz enjoyed Ajacieds both on and off the field

Peter Bosz enjoyed the quarter-final game against Schalke 04 in two respects. On Thursday in the ArenA, it wasn’t only the game itself that was a source of pleasure.  The Ajax coach was also very happy with the 52.384 spectators in the ArenA.

Bosz: “I’m happy with the way we played, but not entirely with the score.  It was only 2-0, and we should have score more goals.  This final score means that it will still be a real fight next week.  I’m satisfied that we kept a clean sheet.  We created so many opportunities, and we gave the crowd a great night.  We applied a lot of pressure and stayed on top.  That’s what I want to see.”

Cooperation between supporters and team
“Was this the best Ajax under my lead?  We also played very well in the ArenA against Copenhagen and Feyenoord.  We gave them so little time with the ball, and constantly hunted our opponent.  Tonight, what I enjoyed the most was the cooperation between the supporters and the team.  The entire stadium was behind our guys.”

“During the break I thought: who should I substitute?  There were a few players who were ready for it.  The fans really swept us up in the second half.  But our goal productivity needs to increase.  I’ve said that before.  A ball on the underside of the crossbar is just bad luck.  But we need to keep working on our productivity.”

“It also sells our performance as a team short.  As a team, we played very well today.  Will we be able to play this well next week?  We’ll have to wait and see.”