Bosz: 'Don't feel good about this game'

Bosz: 'Don't feel good about this game'

Ajax won its game on Sunday afternoon at Roda JC by 0-2, but coach Peter Bosz wasn’t satisfied.  He wasn’t pleased about the way the Ajacieds played.  “I think we’ve played better, although I think we deserved to win.  But I don’t feel good about this entire game.”

Bosz summarized in a nutshell what was wrong with the way his team played.  “I thought that we played on one side for a very long time, we weren’t able to find Lasse (Schöne) often enough, we had to little depth in our playing, and we lost possession too much.”

The fact that Ajax couldn’t get into its game was also due to the opponent.  “They want to play very compactly and they keep the spaces small”, explains Bosz.  “In that case, you need to be patient, because as the match progresses, it will become tougher for them to control the spaces.”

Bosz was pleased with Amin Younes’s goal, which was both the player’s first one of the season, and the deciding one of the game.  “First, he hit the post.  Then I thought: ‘it’s just not going to happen for him’.  But I’m happy that he scored the second one at the end of the game.”