Bosz denounces misplaced arrogance and appreciates recovery

Bosz denounces misplaced arrogance and appreciates recovery

While visiting AZ, Ajax showed two faces.  A very poor first half was followed by a good second one.  Coach Peter Bosz wasn’t pleased with the inconsistency.  “It was misplaced arrogance”, he said in explanation of the first 45 minutes.  “Everything that went badly in the first half went well in the second half.”

“I hope I never see that again”, continued Bosz, referring to the first half.  “It made no sense whatsoever.  We came in thinking we’d cruise through good game, but they’re the ones who were more aggressive.  We had the wrong attitude.”

The break was used to refocus and, after that, Ajax perked up a lot.  “In the second half, we showed how well we can play.  We were dominant, steady in our possession, and had many chances.  Had we scored a third goal, the match would have been done.  Based on the second half, we should have won the game.”

Bosz also explained why he substituted Amin Younes out.  “He was having pain in his groin, that’s why I had to take him out.”