Bosz: ‘Created many opportunities, scored many goals’

Bosz: ‘Created many opportunities, scored many goals’

After Ajax – NEC, Peter Bosz had good things to say about both the way Ajax played, and the final result.  On Sunday, the Amsterdam team treated fans to a plethora of stunning attacks and brought the ArenA to its feet no fewer than five times: 5-0.

“We played a good match, although we didn’t start off very strong”, said Bosz to kick off the post-match press conference in the Amsterdam ArenA.  The coach pointed out a few sloppy areas, which enabled NEC to create some danger in the first half.  “Obviously, that should never be allowed to happen”, was Bosz’s analysis of the Nijmegen team’s attempts.  But the Nijmegen team never created any real danger, especially because Ajax recovered quickly.  What followed was one-way traffic towards the goal of NEC keeper Joris Delle.  Ajax’s new golden boy, Kasper Dolberg, personally brought Ajax to a 3-0 halftime lead.  The Dane made a great impression once again.  NEC had been played into the ground before halftime.  After the break, Bertand Traoré and Lasse Schöne scored as well.

No mercy
In addition to the five goals, Bosz was very positive about the way this was executed.  Against NEC, the Ajacieds played the kind of football that the trainer wants to see.  Ajax put the opponent under almost constant pressure, and struck without mercy.  “With our playing style, we want to regain possession of the ball as fast as possible”, explained Bosz.  “We did an outstanding job of that today.  When we lost possession, we always had two or three men appear.  And every time, we recaptured the ball quickly.  That’s why NEC wasn’t able to counter us.”

Ajax demonstrated shooting accuracy a few days before the Europa League match against Panathinaikos.  The upcoming match against the Greek team was the reason that Ajax didn’t press to increase their lead past 5-0.  All Ajax substitutes (Lasse Schöne, Vaclav Cerny and Daley Sinkgraven didn’t make it to the end) were all pulled out early due to slight pain, as a precaution.  Bosz: “We eased up on the gas pedal, otherwise we may have scored more.” The good win was greeting with cheers by the Ajax crowd.  The spectators had audibly and visibly enjoyed the new (temporary) Eredivisie leader’s game.  “And if people enjoyed the game, then I’m very happy about that, too,” ended Bosz.

Tickets Ajax – Panathinaikos 
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