Bosz clear: 'We want to score'

Bosz clear: 'We want to score'

Peter Bosz is unambiguous when discussing Ajax’s return game at Olympique Lyon.  The Ajacieds will be defending a 4-1 win in France, but that doesn’t mean that they will be resting on their laurels.  “Of course, it will be very important to avoid any goals against”, was Bosz’s reaction.  “But we’re going to do that by trying to score.  We aren’t going to choose between those two things.”

During the press conference, Bosz was asked about Olympique chairman Jean-Michel Aulas’ statements.  He predicted that his club would ‘make the impossible possible’.  “If I were the chairman of Lyon, I would say the same thing”, said Bosz with understanding.  “I certainly wouldn’t say that we’d given up.”

This doesn’t mean that Bosz is taking a win for granted.  On the contrary.  Ajax will certainly face adversity, although the coach doesn’t know exactly how Lyon will play.  “But we want to be prepared for every situation.”

Touchy subject 
At the well-attended press conference, the big difference in Ajax’s performance at European home games vs away games was brought up, with Schalke 04 as an example.  Three weeks ago, after an exceptional match at home, Ajax was forced to pull out all the stops to finally squeeze out a victory during the return.

“If we get any more questions about this, it’s going to give us a complex”, reacted Bosz.  “Of course there’s a difference when you’re playing at home with the support of 50.000 fans, or have 60.000 fans against you at an away game.  But I’m trying to make it clear to my players that there can’t be any difference, and that this should actually motivate them even more.  We need to learn to play our own game as fast as possible.  Grab the ball quickly, and make sure that our opponent has to chase us and the ball.”

The coach doesn’t expect a copy of the Schalke game.  “Matches are hard to compare.   Each game has its own story.  But the same scenario won’t come to pass.”

Lots of choice
Bosz has an almost completely fit selection at his disposal.  Only Daley Sinkgraven is missing.  “I’m happy to have lots of choice.”

Opponent Lyon will need to score at least three times to avoid elimination.  It’s only happened once this season that Ajax has given away three goals during regular time: away at Rostov.  This gives Bosz confidence.  “Back then, we were playing with a totally different team.  We now have a young tea, but this is out 18th European game of the season.  So we have a lot of experience.”