Bosz: 'AZ especially dangerous in transitions'

Bosz: 'AZ especially dangerous in transitions'

Peter Bosz hopes that Ajax will be in charge of every match they play, and play dominant football.  The coach expects that his team will take the initiative on Sunday in Alkmaar, and not be pressured by their opponent’s playing style.  “AZ isn’t a team that runs at full speed ahead and attacks.  They try to play compactly and create danger in the transitions.”

Bosz and the Ajacieds were in a good mood on Friday.  The victory against Celta de Vigo, and especially the way in which this was achieved, gave everyone satisfaction.  “I think that this was one of our best matches”, said Bosz.  “We played against a strong opponent that wanted to put pressure on us.  But we played through that and when we lost possession, we applied pressure very well.  For me, this was a high-caliber game.”

First place
The fact that Ajax will still be in the European tournament after the winter break is a very nice product of this.  “It’s good for Ajax and for Dutch football.”  But the last two matches are important for Bosz as well.  “We want to be first in the group.  We need one point in the last two games to achieve that.  It should be possible.”

Another good thing is that all of the Ajacieds came out of this game healthy.  “At first glance, it looks good”, was Bosz’s reaction.  “I understand that Hakim got knocked around, but that it’s not too serious.” It’s possible that Nick Viergever will be there to face his former team.  The defender was absent against Celta de Vigo due to muscle pain.  “Nick’s training with us today for the first time.  We need to see how that goes and see how he reacts tomorrow.”

Incidentally, AZ played against Maccabi Tel Aviv (0-0) on Thursday evening – Bosz’s former employer.  He didn’t need to press them for information. “I think that we know AZ better than Maccabi does.  They’ve asked us for information before, as have we.  But we know AZ pretty well.”

AZ in Tel Aviv
Bosz was able to summarize, in a nutshell, AZ’s season so far, and their form.  “They started the season off very well, but at some point they starting running into difficulties.  From what I’ve seen on television, they had a rough first half against Tel Aviv.  They came into the match more in the second half and could force their hand, and they got some good opportunities.”

The fact that AZ is currently not in top form doesn’t mean much to Bosz, in his own words.  “At some point, the tide will turn.  But I don’t want it to turn when they play against us.” Moreover, as always, Bosz prefers to focus on his own team.  “We played a great game against Celta.  We’re going to try to take that to Alkmaar.”