Bosz and Klaassen dismayed with setback in Eindhoven

Bosz and Klaassen dismayed with setback in Eindhoven

The Ajacieds choked back their bitter disappointment in the catacombs of the Philips Stadium after suffering a 1-0 loss against PSV.  The consequence is that the national title is now, most likely, out of reach.  Coach Peter Bosz and captain Davy Klaassen put their disillusionment into words.

“We didn’t play well in the first half.  We barely managed to put PSV under any pressure”, said Bosz to the FOX Sports camera.  “We were being pushed back too far, and we were constantly trying to catch up to PSV.  We did better in the second half.”

Ajax played below its level against PSV
The Ajax coach thinks that his players performed under their normal level.  Bosz didn’t see any of the Amsterdam team’s swiftness from the midweek duel (including overtime) against Schalke 04.

“We can do better than we did today”, continued Bosz.  “The difference between the first and second half was too big.  In the first half, we weren’t good.  I don’t want to talk about exhaustion; others can talk about that if they want to.  This match wasn’t good, although we did take the initiative in the second half.  Is the title definitely out of reach?  I think so.  At 4 points behind, it’s almost impossible to catch Feyenoord now.”

Klaassen is realistic

Klaassen didn’t hide his disappointment either.  The captain also saw his team show two different faces in the Philips Stadium.  “We played badly in the first half, mainly.  I’m proud, though, that we showed character in the second half.”

Just like Bosz, Klaassen doesn’t expect Feyenoord to relinquish the top position, either.  “The championship seems decided to me”, said Klaassen realistically.  “Perhaps not in theory.  But a pretty big miracle would need to happen.  We have a very small chance.  It’s just such a shame, what happened here today.  We now need to completely go for second place in the next two games.”