Ajax arrives in Turkey

Ajax arrives in Turkey

On Monday afternoon, Ajax travelled to Turkey for a training camp in preparation for the second half of the season.  Frank de Boer’s team left slightly later than planned, at 11:20, from the KLM Jet Center to Antalya – a trip of just under four hours.  From Antalya, Ajax will continue on to Belek, where the team will stay until Sunday.  After two weeks without his selection, Frank de Boer is eager to get back to work.  “The most important is that everyone is fit again.”

Just like his players, De Boer had a short holiday.  “We went to the sun.  It’s always good to get your mind on other things and be with your family”, said the coach shortly before departure.  “There isn’t always time for that during the season.” A holiday sometimes brings new insight, but nothing revolutionary this time.  “It’s not like I had a Eureka moment, with some amazing insight into what needs to be done.  But I was thinking, of course, that never stops.  You’re constantly thinking of the entire process.”

The training camps goal is clear.  “The focus is on physical fitness.  In two weeks we play against The Hague, that’s what we’re working towards.  The players aren’t starting from scratch.  You don’t lose much fitness in two weeks.  Also, they received a program last week.”

The training week in Belek will end on Saturday, January 9, with a friendly match against HSV.  A dress rehearsal for when the competition resumes.  De Boer: “We’ll play that match against HSV with the guys that we think will also be on the squad against The Hague.”


At 17:00 Dutch time (18:00 Turkish time), the first training is scheduled to take place.  The selection consists of three keepers and 23 field players.  There is one new face among them: Kasper Dolberg.  The Ajax under 19s striker will get a chance to show what he can do.  De Boer: “He’s making a very good impression, but sometimes it seems as though it’s all a bit too easy for him.  That’s why it’s good that he’s here with us.  He has a lot of potential, and maybe Ajax will benefit from that in the future.  The idea is that he joins the Ajax Reserves more often after the break, and this will be good preparation for that.”